1 x 2 Gaming slots on Playamo platform for Australian players

Online casino slots are not an easy thing to develop, therefore it’s common to see very few companies being successful in this field. The venture itself requires quite a lot of investment and commitment from a large team of individuals, and therefore it’s not something everybody can do.

Thankfully though, the 1×2 Gaming online slots for Australians is a perfect example of how such a team of individuals can deliver quality to the market, especially when it’s so centred around a specific demographic.

If you’ve ever played on an online casino, it’s likely that you’ve come across 1×2 Gaming’s games at some point.

This article is designed to provide you with a lot of information on what to expect from the 1×2 Gaming offers here on Playamo.

Always remember that this type of software is always a hassle to develop and requires at least a small team of people. The more games you see from a specific brand the larger they may be in general.

Now, let’s take a look at how 1×2 Gaming AU online games work and who are the people behind this company.

A little bit about 1×2 Gaming

1×2 Gaming has been on the market ever since 2002 and has been delivering quality content to a whole slew of online casinos.

As already mentioned, if you’ve ever gambled on an online gaming website you’re sure to have seen some games from the developer.

The company’s main office is based in Brighton, UK but they hold a global presence, catering to online casinos of every calibre and nationality. That’s why we mention the 1×2 Gaming casino Australia, as the company has specifically designed games to cater to this specific demographic.

The games you can expect from 1×2 Gaming are fixed-odds gambling games, casino games, slots, Virtual Football and much much more.

All of the games are mobile optimized as well and open up opportunities to well over a hundred Virtual Football games as well as dozens of others listed.

1×2 Gaming’s games and how they work

Although it’s redundant to explain how the game categories listed above work for experienced players, it’s still very important that beginners know what’s expected of them from these games and if they’re as passive as they used to be in the past.

You see, 1×2 Gaming mobile slots may be something you can simply press and wait for the reels to change as you sit there, but some of the games such as Virtual Football may require interaction from the player.

The reason why 1×2 Gaming started developing interactive games is due to market demand. We’re pretty sure everybody enjoys being engaged in a game, and even though the gambling aspect of slots could be entertainment enough, there’s always room for improvement.

Let’s now try and explain just how all of the game categories supplied by 1×2 Gaming work on Playamo.

Virtual Football

Virtual Football may not be the most interactive but it’s something quite nostalgic for sports betting enthusiasts and sports lovers in general.

Although there are other sports that 1×2 Gaming tries to cover, football is still their main forte.

But when it comes to Australian 1×2 Gaming casinos, it shouldn’t be an issue due to the sport’s popularity.

The way the games work is quite simple. The player opens the software and is provided with the world map, which he can choose a league from. It can be the English Premier League as well as the German Bundesliga.

Once the choice is made, they are given several matches between real-life teams. However, the matches are virtual therefore the outcomes are not based on real-life games.

After placing a bet, the player is given a minute and a half to either withdraw his or her decision or place another bet. Once the time is up, the odds are calculated and the results are displayed.

Just like in sports betting, the odds depend on the team’s prowess.


The 1×2 Gaming Reels for AU players should not be anything new. If you’re a beginner try to remember a Hollywood movie you’ve watched in the past that had a casino scene. Remember how people would pull a lever and wait to see how the symbols would arrange in front of them.

That’s already old news as those reels didn’t have quite enough future for the modern gambler. 1×2 Gaming reels are focused on adding as many features as possible in order to make the game interactive.

For example, players on Playamo can expect reels with three rows and around five columns in order to ramp up the chances.

Although there are reels with more columns or rows, the 3×5 seems to be a nice equilibrium.

Casino games

Once again we go back to the Hollywood movies and remember the games other than the reels that the characters would play.

Games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Poker are ones to name if you remember them from “Casino Royale” one of the latest James Bond movies.

The 1×2 Gaming Aussie online casino games are exactly what they say they are. The digital version of those casino games tailored for Aussie players. You can find Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack on Playamo.

Massive diversity from 1×2 Gaming online slots

Although this is quite a small number of options, it’s just scratching the surface of what 1×2 Gaming has to offer for players.

And even though they try to promote their Virtual Football games the most, it’s obvious that the focus should be on the slots as they provide the most amount of entertainment and RTP.

Wait, what’s RTP? Let’s try to discuss just how exactly players are able to generate some income from playing 1×2 Gaming slots on Playamo.

Symbol alignment

Let’s try to imagine a 3×3 slots machine which has very few symbols. Things such as hearts, spades, and diamonds.

If three similar symbols align themselves on a row, the player gets a reward. But as you can already tell from the previous paragraph, Playamo’s Australian online 1×2 Gaming casino offers much better variety.

The combinations on 1×2 Gaming’s slots are virtually limitless as the 3×5 format opens the doors to multiple combinations and a potential win behind every spin. But make sure to aim for those similar symbols on a single row, those are where the big wins are hiding.

Free spins & bonuses

Nearly every online slot is designed to provide the players with some free spins one way or another. Be it on a special occasion like a holiday or registration anniversary, or through a special combination of symbols during a game.

The 1×2 Gaming slots on Playamo are teeming with such possibilities through various combinations of the symbols as well as additional bonuses by the platform itself.


The RTP stands for Return to Player. Meaning that the higher the RTP the more you will be rewarded with if you make a successful bet or if your spin was very profitable.

For example, if the RTP on one of the 1×2 Gaming online slots is 100%, then your bet will be given you in full fold should you win.

So if you bet $100 and win, you get $100 extra, quite simple right?

Most slots come with 90%+ RTP but you can use it as a filter of games that you dedicate more time to, while others you do for fun.

The most popular slots from 1×2 Gaming

Treasure of the Pyramids

Treasure of the Pyramids is 1×2 Gaming’s methods of bringing us back to ancient Egyptian history with flashy colours and interesting symbols to watch out for when making a spin.

The game is notorious for its gold themed-colouring and famous movie quotes from adventure hits such as Indiana Jones.

Treasure of the Pyramids is one of the, if not the best 1×2 Gaming online slot available of Playamo judging from its playthrough rate.

The slot has three rows and five columns in total, with over 200 paylines included. However, the best feature is the scarab bonus, which allows you to choose your artefact through a 3d animation and get a beefy bonus alongside the win from the spin.

Thor: Stormlord

Thor Stormlord is a direct catering to those that enjoy ancient Norse mythology and Australian players are quite a nice target for it.

Whenever you find 1×2 Gaming AU slots on mobile Thor Stormlord will always be nearby to find. The popularity of the games is also directly correlated with the popularity of the theme as well as many developers have gone with the Norse mythology and Viking theme.

The game contains three rows and five columns, quite descriptive for a 1×2 Gaming slot with various Norse symbols resembling actual unearthed artefacts by real archaeologists.

The game is full of bonuses as well, as the Scatter Win has several additional options. If you get a scatter win through a dismounted Thor, you get to choose from five different pots that may contain treasure, and that directly translates into more wins.

If you get a Scatter Win through the mounted Valkyrie, you get several free spins to enjoy.

The game has more than a hundred paylines and is quite popular on Playamo.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a theme for everybody in love with the Japanese culture as it tries to encompass a Red Chinese dragon with familiar Japanese architecture with Dojos.

The theme is very familiar to anybody engaged in popular culture with nunchucks and sushi as some of the symbols.

1×2 Gaming games are always trying to cover as many cultures and themes as possible and Japan was an obvious choice for most players.

The way the slot works is similar to the previous two. Three rows with five columns and a whole slew of paylines.

If players get three Dojos on the spin they are given free spins and it’s called a Scatter Win once again. If they get three dragons on a single row, they get an additional bonus with increasing numbers depending on the number of dragons on the row.

Pairing up 1×2 Gaming’s interactive design with popular culture was guaranteed to be popular and now we see the fruits of the developers’ labor.


If you’re nostalgic about the comedy movie called Kick-Ass you’re sort of close to what this slot game is about.

It’s a combination of multiple comic book heroes, although not the ones we’re most familiar with as the 1×2 Gaming team went ahead and made their own versions of superheroes.

The slot is once again a three-row five-column reel with more than 200 paylines alongside the Scatter Win and the bonus.

The bonus win is probably one of the most interactive as it brings back memories of reading comic books in one’s childhood.

Although KickA$$ is not featured on some of the top 1×2 Gaming Australian online casinos, you can get your hands on it right here on Playamo.

Playing 1×2 Gaming slots on Playamo

Our online gaming platform has a very friendly relationship with 1×2 Gaming and that’s why you can access so many of the developer’s games with us.

Furthermore, Playamo is more than happy to feature 1×2 Gaming slots in some of its bonus offerings during gaming shifts on the platform.

It will always be noticeable on the homepage when you see us featuring the AU 1×2 Gaming deposit bonus and no deposit bonus features.

We at Playamo believe that offering these bonuses to our user-base provides them with unique opportunities to try out as many games as possible.

Playamo Deposit Bonus

The Playamo deposit bonus feature is an industry-standard because of mass competition in the market. Even though it’s a common theme with everybody we at Playamo see out deposit bonus features as a way to give our users the maximum they can get from playing on our platform.

It’s quite exciting to say that Playamo is one of the best 1×2 Gaming deposit bonus casinos in Australia alongside other large market players.

So, how does the deposit bonus work on Playamo? It’s actually quite easy, let’s try to explain.

One type of deposit bonus you will find on Playamo is the Match bonus, meaning that the platform will match your deposit with a certain percentage and a certain deposit cap.

For example, on Playamo you will get a 100% match bonus for up to $100. Meaning that if you deposit $100, you will get an extra $100 to bet with.

If your deposit was worth $50, then you’d receive an additional $50. As long as your deposit is below $100 you will get twice the amount every time you apply for the bonus.

There is no specific 1×2 Gaming no deposit bonus code in Australia based casinos, but there will always be general bonus codes that you can use with Playamo and place bets with free cash.

All you have to do in order to get the bonus is to type in RELOAD once making a deposit.

No deposit bonus on Playamo

At Playamo we try to incorporate additional benefits for new players as well, and they take the shape of no deposit bonus offerings from us.

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. Players are given free cash after registering on the platform, in exchange for a very small deposit. Although it may sound contradictory, the amount of free cash a new user receives far exceeds the amount they have to deposit in the first time.

It’s not uncommon to find most online casinos offering first-deposit bonuses instead of no deposit ones, and on Playamo that is indeed the case.

Occasionally, Playamo will announce 1×2 Gaming no deposit bonus codes for our players directly from our media channels or personal messages on the website itself, so always keep your eyes open for additional benefits with free spins and free cash.

As it stands right now, our players have the opportunity to use bonuses such as the first-deposit bonus and the second-deposit bonus, which come with not only free cash but also with multiple free spins on some of the best games Playamo can offer.

We try to sift through the games as often as possible but make no mistake, 1×2 Gaming will have a spotlight on quite often.