Microgaming slots offered at Playamo for Australian gamblers

Before we dive into the best online casino Australia Microgaming slots, we have to answer one simple question. What makes gambling fun? We could probably list a handful of things and explore them in great detail, but we’ll only scratch the surface. However, one thing is clear, the games are one of the most important factors. You won’t be able to enjoy gambling if you can’t find a suitable game to play. There are a bunch of things that make some games more appealing than others, including design, gameplay, logic, intricacy, etc. As a result, it’s not easy to develop these games. It requires a lot of resources and experience. On the market, the competition is high, however, there are some game studios that have managed to come out on top and dominate the industry. Microgaming is definitely one of such providers.

You might be familiar with Microgaming and might even be a fan of some of its slots, or you might be a complete beginner. In either case, this article will give you more information about the provider itself, games developed by it and the ones offered at Playamo. When you are deciding whether to sign up on our casino or not, this information might be useful to you as it will give you an overall idea of what our game selection is like. Although we have partnered up with many leading providers on the market, we are especially proud of our AU Microgaming slots as they enjoy a huge fanbase.

About Microgaming

Microgaming slots on mobile and desktop are enjoyed by millions of users around the world. Microgaming Software Systems is a leading software development company that provides services to many famous online casinos around the world. The company is often credited with setting up the first genuine online casino in 1994. Nowadays, whenever you hear that a casino is using MG as one of its providers, you can assume that there will be a huge game selection that includes more than 600 slots in addition to video poker, blackjack, and roulette games. The company is also famous for having progressive jackpots that rewarded the biggest ever online casino win at the time of 17,879,645.12 euros from a 25p spin to a lucky gambler in 2015. In total, the progressive jackpot network of the company has paid out over 1 billion euros. Microgaming online slots for Australian players are developed and managed by the company from a brand new HQ in the Isle of Man called Sixty Two. The campus opened in 2017 and rivals some of the biggest tech companies with the facilities.

Features of Slots games

Below, we will introduce you to some of the popular products by Microgaming. If you’re an experienced player, you might recognize some of them. If you’re completely new to the world of gambling, you will need to know a bit more about slots and how they work in order to understand the descriptions. You might remember from the movies big colourful machines in casinos with a huge lever on one side and spinning reels depicting different fruit or numbers. These are slot machines. They have been popular for a long time in physical casinos and they continue to be popular online. Microgaming slots online for Australians work basically the same way as the slot machines. You spin the reels and the symbols on the reels aline in different ways after each spin. Certain alignments of these symbols lead to wins while others don’t. Each spin will cost you some money.


Reels are columns in the slot games. In addition to columns, the layout is also divided into rows. In the intersection of these columns and rows, there are symbols. A classic slot used to have three reels and three slots for a total of nine symbols. Modern slots usually have a higher number of reels and there are also the ones where the number of rows per each reel is different or even changing within the game. With time, new Microgaming casino Australia slots aimed to differentiate themselves from the previous games and added more complexity and layers. In many cases, this was possible by adding extra reels to the games.


Symbols are the elements depicted on the reels. There are different types of symbols in the game. The standard symbols have a certain value assigned to them. For example, landing three Queens aligned horizontally could be more valuable than landing three Jacks. In addition to these standard symbols, there are also Wilds and Scatters. Wilds appear randomly and can substitute for any standard symbol to form a winning combination. So, instead of getting three Queens in a row, you can just land two Queens and a Wild symbol for the same result. Scatters are usually associated with additional features in the Australian online Microgaming casino slots. If a certain number of Scatters appear on the reels at the same time, a bonus level will be triggered.

Bonus levels

It depends on a particular game what the bonus level will entail. This is the area where slots can get truly creative and come up with unique features. However, one common bonus is a Free Spins mode. Once this mode is triggered, the reels will spin without charging you anything. These shouldn’t be confused with free spins no deposit Microgaming Australia offers that are awarded to users for signing up on a platform. There will be a limited number of Free Spins triggered by the bonus, which, in some cases, can be retriggered if during these spins you land another Scatter combination. There are also versions of the Free Spins where winnings are multiplied and you can accumulate a lot of money faster.


Return to Player indicates how much money a casino will pay out on average per each dollar bet. For example, an RTP of 95% means that if you make a $100 bet, on average, you are expected to win $95. This value virtually never goes above 100% as it would be a loss-making game for the casino. However, you can still consider the RTP when looking at various slots to compare which is more profitable in the long run. Best Microgaming casinos Australia has to offer will usually have hundreds of games by the developer and you’ll have to choose which one to play. You can use RTP as one of your criteria.


While not a technical characteristic of a slot game, the theme is still an important feature as it is widely used to distinguish games that would otherwise be pretty similar. Themes are also an important factor many gamblers base their decisions on when choosing a slot game to play. A slot game will usually center around a theme, which means that the design of the game, the background, music, and symbols will all be inspired by a certain idea. A theme can be a certain culture or place. It can also be a movie or a TV show. In fact, slots base their games around popular culture all the time. They are also highly enjoyed by gamblers on Microgaming casinos Australia offers.

Notable slots by Microgaming

Thunderstruck II

Throughout its years of operation, Microgaming has come up with some iconic slots games that have become fan favourites around the world. One slot that is definitely on the map of many gamblers is Thunderstruck II. The game was released in 2010 and is still very popular on gambling platforms. Thunderstruck II has five reels, three rows, and 243 pay lines. Although this particular slot isn’t one of the progressive jackpot games, with features like The Great Hall of Spins and Windstorm, you still have a good chance of winning big. You only need at least three Bonus Hammer symbols for the outrageous and interesting bonus features to be triggered. This is another great thing about Microgaming mobile slots for Australians.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is also a very popular product of Microgaming. This one involves a progressive jackpot as well. Players of this game will have a chance of winning millions of dollars. The game includes four progressive jackpots in the randomly triggered bonus. The Mega Progressive, which is the largest jackpot, starts at 1 million.  The theme of the game centers around the African safari, which always provides for exciting and peaceful gameplay. The design and color scheme of the slots are eye-catching and cartoonish. There are five reels and three rows for a total of 25 pay lines. You get the Wild and Scatter symbols as well. The main bonus mode of the game is the free spins mode, which might not be as exciting, but the jackpots really do more than compensate for it. If you’re someone that is going for huge potential wins, then this might be one of the best Microgaming slots for you.

Game of Thrones

As we said, it is very common for game developers to base their games around popular TV shows and what better material to choose other than arguably the greatest TV series of our time, Game of Thrones. The show has inspired a great slots game. In fact, there are two of these games. Both versions of the slots have the same design and features, however, one has 15 paylines and the other has 243. These Australian Microgaming casino online games are especially fun for those that love bonus features. For example, landing two of the Throne symbols anywhere on the reels will award you a random cash prize. If you land three or more of these Scatters, you’ll get to play the Free Spins, which can be retriggered during the play. An extra fun thing is that you get to choose one of four free spins features that are named after the great houses in Westeros. For example, choosing Stark will give you 14 Free Spins with 3x multiplier and choosing Lannister will award you with 10 Free Spins but 4x multiplier. With features like these, you’ll never get bored at Microgaming casinos in Australia.

Avalon II

Movies and TV shows aren’t the only ones that get to have slots based on them. Legends are also a very popular fodder for these games. Avalon II is based on the Arthurian legend and features the characters that you might be familiar with from the video or table games. This slot is beloved by gamblers on many a Microgaming casino in Australia. What gives the game an extra kick is design along with the animations. There are also very creative and different bonus features. In total, you can benefit from 8 possible bonus games, which all have different names based on some of the things from the legend. For example, Misty Vale will give you 15 Free Spins with the ability to choose your extra Wild. Lake Of Legend bonus will take you to a game of dice which could lead to really big wins. Such features make it really exciting to play the game at best Microgaming casino Australia platforms.

Microgaming slots at Playamo

Through the partnership with Microgaming, at Playamo, we are able to offer our users the amazing games developed by the company. All of the games listed above and hundreds more can be enjoyed on our platform. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our Microgaming no deposit free spins Australia offers and match bonuses to get a better chance of exploring the games and winning real money. 

Deposit bonuses at Playamo

Deposit bonuses are an essential part of any gambling experience. Due to the high competition in the industry among casinos, platforms often have to come up with innovative offers and promotions to attract new customers. These promotions come in different forms and shapes. A very popular type of casino bonuses is a deposit bonus. Microgaming casino deposit bonus Australia promotions take effect when you make a deposit on your account. 

Deposit offers can include several benefits. A very popular benefit would be a match bonus. This type of bonus will match your deposit by a certain percentage. For example, if a casino advertises a 100% first deposit bonus, this means that when you deposit $50 on your account for the first time, you’ll get an additional $50 to gamble with. There will always be a limit on this offer which caps the free cash you can receive. A deposit bonus doesn’t have to work on the first deposits only. Reload bonuses are deposit bonuses on repeating deposits. In addition to a match bonus, a deposit package can also include free spins. These are spins on particular Microgaming casino Australia slots, that won’t charge you for a bet but will allow you to keep the winnings.

When you’re dealing with deposit bonuses, an important thing to consider is the wagering requirement. With match bonuses, you won’t get to withdraw the free cash right away, however, you’ll be able to keep the winnings. Similarly, with the free spins, you’ll have a chance to keep whatever you win. However, in order to be able to withdraw the winnings, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirements. A wagering requirement will specify how many times over you’ll have to bet the won amount. For example, if you’ve won $100 and the wagering requirement is 5x, you’ll have to make bet worth $500 in total to be able to withdraw. Wagering requirements can make or break a bonus offer so they should be considered carefully when looking at Microgaming deposit bonus Australia offers.

At Playamo, we care a lot about the experience of our gamblers. As a result, we try to offer the best in all aspects of gambling including the bonuses. We have come up with several deposit bonuses that will keep you entertained not only the first time you make a deposit but throughout your gambling experience. Playamo first deposit bonus is a package deal that comes with a match bonus as well as free spins. For your first deposit, we will match it by 100% up to 500 AUD. This means that if you deposit 500 AUD, you’ll get an extra 500 AUD to gamble with. You can use this money to further explore our casino and learn about its functionality while accumulating winnings for yourself. We will also give you 100 free spins on select slots that will be distributed to you over five days in instalments of 20. However, that’s not where our Microgaming casino bonus Australia offers to stop.

In addition to your first deposit, we have a great bonus on your second deposit as well. This time, we will match your deposit by 50% up to 1,000 AUD. So, if you deposit 2,000 AUD on your account, you’ll end up with 3,000 AUD. You’ll receive 50 free spins as well. Every Friday, you’ll also get a chance to participate in our Friday Reload promotion. The only thing you have to do is to make a deposit on Friday, and we will match it by 50% up to 250 AUD. You’ll also get 100 free spins. Don’t forget to use one of our Microgaming bonus codes Australia offers RELOAD when making the deposit.

No deposit bonuses at Playamo

In addition to the deposit bonuses, many gamblers are attracted to the no deposit bonus offers. In fact, the latter is much more appealing, although more elusive. With no deposit bonuses, you don’t even have to make a deposit to receive the bonus. You just sign up on the platform and the free cash or the free spins that come with the promotion will be deposited on your account right away. Such offers aren’t very lucrative for casinos to offer for obvious reasons, so you won’t find a lot of them around. From time to time, at Playamo, we will put out Microgaming no deposit bonus codes Australia can take advantage of. Using these codes, you’ll be able to receive a certain monetary benefit by just signing up. 

In order to sign up on Playamo, you’ll have to open our website and click on the green ‘Sign Up’ button shown above. This will bring up a registration form that’s easy to complete. You’ll simply have to indicate some basic information about yourself like your email, country of residence and preferred currency. You will also have to set up your password, which you should write down someplace safe as you’ll need it to log into the platform. This will be enough to open an account with us and receive the AU no deposit Microgaming casino offer if there is any.

If you decide to deposit any of your own money on your account, you will have to click on the green ‘Deposit’ button, which, the first time, will bring up another form. This time, you’ll have to input your Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Address. Next, you’ll have to choose a payment method and make the payment. This will give you the first deposit bonus in addition to the Microgaming no deposit Australia offer.