Software providers

Online casino software providers represented at Playamo

Online gambling platforms are a very popular destination for most gamblers. If you are an experienced gambler, you probably know that casinos aren’t the ones that actually develop the games that they offer the users. Instead, they are partnering up with casino software providers that actually work on these games. In addition to the actual games, the software providers supply casinos with the statistical analysis, CRM and management tools necessary to operate a gambling platform successfully. This article will explore more details about software providers and also go over the options we have available at our Playamo casino.

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Why is it important to think about online casino software providers?

For you as a customer, it is important to think about the various software providers for several reasons. First of all, the quality of the casino software used by a platform will have a huge impact on your gambling experience on that platform. There are some leading developers that constantly come up with the highest quality products. If your casino is partnering up with such developers, then you can rest assured that you will be one of the first to try out the newest innovative features that game studios come up with.

Having a strong online casino software also means that the casino operators are better able to process the customer data and tailor their promotions and offers accordingly. If the statistical analysis and CRM tools are not developed well, the casino will miss out on a lot of information about the customer base, like what games they prefer, what offers they respond to best and more. This will translate to worse customer service and lower user satisfaction.

Although many software developers have grown to an unimaginable size and now covers many different sectors in the industry, each of them still has their own signature when it comes to developing games. Experience gamblers can identify online gambling software provided by a game even if they’ve never seen that particular game before. The approach and style of these games are very evident. This means that if you have a preference for a particular style, you might enjoy games by a certain developer more than those published by the others. As a result, when you are looking for new gambling platforms or new games, you might go about the process by looking at the products of a game studio or which casinos it provides services to.

How to choose a casino by the software provider?

If you’ve been gambling for a while, you probably have a few favorite games you always return to. One way to go about the process of selecting which provider of casino software for Australian casinos you prefer is to take a look at your favorite games and see if you can identify any patterns. Are more than one of those games by the same studio? If so, that might be what you’re looking for. You can just open the website of that casino that you’ve been a secret fan of and browse the game catalog. If it feels like you like the style and approach of the developer, you can start your search process by looking at which casinos the provider supplies. Those casinos will have the games that you like as well as the new ones you might become a fan of.

If you’re completely new to gambling, you can simply look up some of the leading providers by scale and size. There are undeniable economies of scale involved in developing casino software for AU casinos. The larger the studio, the more resources it has for employing the highest-quality professionals, designers, developers to work on its games. It also has more resources to extract and analyze user data in order to develop more tailored games that suit the changing trends. In addition to the scale, the experience is also very important. Providers that have been around for decades likely know what they are doing. On the other hand, if a new company has managed to succeed in a very short period of time, it’s likely due to the quality of its products. You want to take a comprehensive look at these issues and find a handful of providers you are drawn to.


The next step would be to explore the game selection of those online gambling software providers that you’ve selected. You want to aim for the developers that have a larger selection but also produce quality games. See that the developer is not working solely with one type of games. It’s best if it has a few slots as well as table games under its belt. This way, if the platform you choose doesn’t have any other providers, you won’t be stuck playing the same games over and over again.

At Playamo, we have partnered up with many software providers. This means that we can offer an unparalleled selection of games. In fact, we have more than 1,800 games you can enjoy. Our selection doesn’t only focus on slots, we have a lot of table games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette as well. Our software for online casinos enables us to offer the best options when it comes to live-dealer games as well. These are not as easy for many gambling platforms to offer as they are usually more expensive to host. We have different live-casino options for most of our table games.


When you are selecting a platform by software provider, the best-case scenario would be if the platform itself has partnerships with several studios like is the case with our Playamo casino. In this case, you get the best experience from various casinos and can enjoy different types of games without having to restrict yourself in one way or another. That’s the main advantage of having various gambling software providers supplying games to the casino that you’re gambling on.

What matters when choosing an online casino?

The selection of games is of course very important, but there are many other things you have to think about as well when you are choosing a platform to gamble on. If you only pay attention to the selection of games, when you actually set up an account on the platform, you might encounter a huge problem that will force you to change the casino. You would rather have considered all of the criteria before to avoid such problems.

Payment methods

In order to be able to play the games developed by casino software providers, you first have to be able to get your money to the platform. When doing so, you will need to choose an appropriate payment method. There are many options that you can choose from, but all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, although at Playamo we have a wide array of options, not all payment methods will be available at all casinos. When making a decision, you will have to factor that into the process as well.


Credit/debit card payments are some of the most popular methods for depositing money on platforms. These payments have some obvious advantages like the speed and low fees. Most platforms will process payments through bank cards immediately. The fees depend on the issuer, however, in general, they are quite low when compared to some other alternatives. A downside of using credit/debit cards for paying games provided by the casino software developers is that your gambling history is going to show up on the bank statement. Some gamblers want to avoid this for privacy issues. If you are one of such gamblers, you will need alternative options as well.

Electronic Wallets are very actively used in the gambling community for that exact purpose of separating gambling history from the bank statement. Because you first deposit money on your eWallet account and then pay the casino, there is a degree of separation from your bank which allows you to maintain your privacy. However, eWallets have drawbacks as well. You have to download a separate application and set up an account, which could be troublesome. There are also fees as well. These services aren’t usually free so you’ll definitely have to pay some fee for it.

Another popular method for paying for online gaming software slots and casino games is using cryptocurrencies. This is a relatively new method and not many casinos will offer them as an option. Cryptocurrencies have inherent disadvantages and advantages as well. They are very volatile, which means that the value of your winnings might go down before you even manage to withdraw it. On a brighter side, these payments will be immediate and there won’t be any cross-border restrictions. Privacy with cryptocurrencies is also very high although your bank might block you from purchasing these digital assets in the first place.

In addition to the deposit, don’t forget to consider withdrawals as well. With withdrawals, you’ll have to think about the processing time, as it will determine how long you’ll have to wait until you receive your payment. You’ll also need to consider the fees so that your winnings aren’t reduced by a lot in the process of withdrawing them. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the limits. If the limits are too low, you’ll have to wait for a long time to get hold of your full winnings if you win big.

Customer service

Another extremely important thing with online gambling software is customer service. When selecting casinos, many decide to ignore this aspect because it might not seem very important until you actually need it. When you encounter a problem on a website that hinders you from playing your favorite games, you will want to get in touch with a representative immediately, which is possible through customer services. There are various options that casinos will make available in such cases.

The best option for customer services is undeniably the live chat option, which we provide at Playamo. Live chat brings up a chat box within the browser allowing you to talk to a representative right away. In case the answer is not satisfactory, you can give instant feedback and continue chatting until you actually get your issue resolved. Another casino software customer service option is to use a phone line. This is a bit outdated method and is usually associated with long waiting queues. If you need urgent attention or can get annoyed by waiting for a long time, then this won’t be the best option for you.

Lastly, email is also a way often offered by platforms for getting in touch with them. It is by far the slowest and least convenient method but has its uses as well. If you have an urgent question, using email is extremely inconvenient. You will have to wait for hours or days to get a response and even then if the answer doesn’t fully help your issue, you will have to send a response which could take just as long to be answered. Emails are better used for general inquiries that don’t need an urgent response. That is why we also offer email as an option at Playamo.

Mobile support

Also important with casino software for Australian casinos is the support of mobile platforms. A lot of people are switching to mobile devices for gambling. These devices offer a lot of conveniences as they are easy to use and allow gambling anywhere, anytime. If you are one of those users that actively use mobile phones, you will want your platform to support these devices as well. There are two ways in which casinos do this. One way is to offer a separate application that you can download and install on your phone. Another option is by building a website with a responsive design that can adjust to the size of your screen and give you the optimal navigation tools to use your phone comfortably.