Play Australian Rabcat slot games on Playamo online casino

Before we get into reviewing some of the best AU Rabcat slots on Playamo let’s take a moment to appreciate just how hard these companies work in order to provide as much value as they are able to.

Developing games is hard as it is, but developing slots games which are somehow limited in their features is even harder.

For example, every video game you may have played includes a lot of features which is designed to keep you engaged, but when a company needs to focus on just one aspect, which is clicking and letting the reels roll, it’s even harder to keep the player entertained.

Therefore, when we talk about providers like Rabcat software, it’s important to note just how well these companies are able to circumnavigate those issues with slots games and still provide so much entertainment from a relatively simple game.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that slots games are designed to make the player some money and their value stops there. That can’t be further from the truth, as profit is secondary for the majority of players, it’s basically a tacked on featured for most as they focus on enjoying themselves as much as possible by looking at the animations and trying out new games.

Because of the fact that most people focus on the design aspect, things like Rabcat slots need extra attention to the details so that players can find hidden design secrets as they play and become much more engaged.

Now that we’ve tipped our hats off for the people involved in providing these games, let’s start by looking at Rabcat as a company in itself. How they develop their games, what they focus on and what their style is in the grand scheme of things.

What is Rabcat like?

Rabcat was first established in 2001 in Austria and is still headquartered there. The main office is in Vienna where most of the staff is located.

The software provider has 18 years of experience in the field and therefore can provide high quality, user-oriented games that mix very well with the audience of pretty much any Rabcat online casino Australia has to offer.

In fact, many are joking that Rabcat is a perfect provider for Australian casinos because it’s located in Austria, and let the puns begin.

Rabcat doesn’t really have a flagship product, as they try to cover as many games as possible, including online slots, video poker, 3d table games and etc.

On Playamo, you’ll be able to get your hands on some of the most popular Rabcat slot games, which we believe are a very distinct product from the company as they are quite unique in terms of design.

In fact, we can easily say that the designers Rabcat is able to field are top notch, making the games even more engaging and interactive.

Now that we’ve gotten a little idea about the people in Rabcat, we’d like to introduce you to some of their best slots games. But before we do that, we need to explain a little bit about how they work in general.

If you’re a veteran Rabcat slots player, then you can simply scroll down a little bit and find out how to play their games on Playamo. If you’re a beginner, then the information we’re about to provide is paramount for your entertainment value with these games as well as the winnings.

Let’s start.

Things to know about AU Rabcat slots on Playamo

As already mentioned above, we will showcase some of the mechanics that nearly every casino games developer uses for their slots.

You will learn what reels mean, what’s a payline, what are the combinations, the meaning of symbols, bonuses, free spins as well as the general theme of the game. Let’s start with the reels as they’re the backbone of every game.


If you’ve never played a slot game before try to imagine a movie you’ve seen where the characters play some games in a casino.

The new Rabcat slots games Australia is filled with are pretty much based on the slots showcased in 90s casino movies and etc.

Most of the time you’d see slots with a few symbols, such as fruits, gold bars and a special symbol that would give you a jackpot right? Well, the new slots games are a lot more complicated, meaning that there are a lot more opportunities for winning something.

The reels as already mentioned above, are the backbone of every slots game. The columns and rows you see on the machine or in the game are the things that we call reels.

For example, when you start playing, it’s the columns that start to spin. Then they stop to give you a combination on a row. Combine these columns and rows and you get reels.

Most modern slots games can have as many as eight columns and eight rows. But in order to have these, there needs to be a wider selection of symbols to make better combinations for better wins. Let’s discuss those Rabcat slots symbol combinations next.


The symbols are the pictures or animations we see on the reels themselves. For example, when we mentioned those fruits and gold bars in the previous paragraph about reels, those are what we refer to as symbols.

There are different types of symbols as well. There are the regular A-Z character symbols, 0-10 number symbols which are just fillers if the slot has a lot of columns and rows, and there are the special symbols which give you a lot of opportunities for better wins.

A special symbol could be a diamond if you’re playing a slots game revolving around mining, or a character’s face if you’re playing a game based on a movie or etc.

Then we have the wild symbols. The wild symbol is pretty much an imitation of any symbol available in the slots game. For example, it can contribute to any combination of symbols on the reels, making it a very desired one to get during a spin. The wild symbols are usually marked with the words “Wild” so you’ll definitely know when you get one.

The Australian Rabcat online casinos tend to have wild symbols as animations, so you get an even better hint when you get a nice combination.

Finally, we come to the bonus symbols. The bonus symbols are also marked with the word “Bonus”. Getting them is always an enjoyable experience as they could lead to a bonus level, which helps players win a lot more with just one spin, or it could lead to free spins.

What’s a bonus level and free spins you ask? Well, ask no more. Let’s find out.

Bonus levels & free spins

In order to get a bonus level or free spins, it’s usually enough to get three bonus symbols during a spin. Their combination does not matter, meaning that it’s fine if they don’t align in a straight line or anything, as long as they show up, you’re going to get the bonus.

Lucky for our players, the best Rabcat online slots that we feature on Playamo are full of these bonus opportunities.

Usually, the bonus symbols have a special sound effect and the spin becomes slower when you get the first two. The prize depends on how many of them you actually get during the spin.

These can result in just extra winnings, free spins (meaning that your account isn’t drained when you play) and a bonus level. Bonus levels are extremely interactive allowing the players to make educated guesses or perform some mechanics to get a better win. It’s our favourite part of any slots game.

What is RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation you’ll usually see when looking for casino games to play on our website. It stands for Return to Player, meaning that the percentage displayed is the amount the casino is willing to pay the player if they get a winning spin.

For example, if the Australian Rabcat online casino says they’re willing to pay 95% RTP on a slots game, then it means that for every AUD 100 you bet, you’ll get an AUD 95 in return. It’s quite easy to understand and could be a great filter for your game of choice.

Every game has a different RTP, so make sure you always check before you start playing. Because there are so many options, RTP could be a great tool for choosing your go-to slot on Playamo.

Best Rabcat online slots

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s look at some of the best Rabcat online slots that we have featured here on Playamo. Note that these are based on user preference, there will always be room for other games, but for the sake of making it short, we’ll feature only four notable games.

Castle Builder

Castle Builder is one of the most interactive Rabcat online slots you can play nowadays. In fact, it’s one of the few online slots that have a progression level built in so that it provides the most amount of entertainment.

In the game, you can imagine yourself as the builder of a castle, as you get more and more orders for the royal weddings that follow.

The slot has four columns and three rows, giving the opportunity for a whole slew of symbol combinations.

The most important symbol during the spin is the building material that comes in different forms. There’s Red, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once the castle is completed you will get a massive bonus win. The amount of the bonus also depends on the material you use, for example, if you only use bronze building materials, it’s going to be much lower if you get a lot of gold materials.

Rabcat software knew that collecting these materials would be the focus so the number you need is quite low. You will need to collect the materials 12 times meaning that getting the bonus isn’t that hard. Once you have the castle built, it will be time to choose a suitable groom for your princess. Depending on what you choose, you will get an equivalent payout.

One of the best features though is the progression system. The more castles you build, the better your rank becomes, which means that the more you will be “paid” to build the castles. It’s a great slots game to entertain yourself with, as well as get a hefty amount in winnings. Definitely recommended.

Forsaken Kingdom

The Forsaken Kingdom is modelled around the Kingdom of Camelot, with King Arthur, Lady Guinevere and the Dark Knight.

The game has five columns and three rows, opening up a whole slew of opportunities for players to score a nice win during a spin.

Lady Guinevere acts as the wild symbol and usually appears on the third column covering it whole, giving the player a lot of additional combinations.

However, should lady Guinevere appear right next to King Arthur on the top row, it will trigger an instant bonus. The same thing will happen if King Arthur appears right next to the Dark Knight on the top row.

Although Rabcat online slots come directly from Austria, they’re quite knowledgeable about English mythology one would say.

The bonus symbols are the shields of the Knights of the Round Table. If the players can collect all twelve of them, they get to play the bonus round. In order to collect the knights, it’s enough to get two bonus symbols during a spin.

In the bonus round, the Round Table will assign every knight with a multiplier. The max number is x100. It will then spin and choose a random knight.

Once the multiplier comes into effect the player will be given several free spins, during which every time you get three bonus symbols you get an additional five spins.

It’s quite a fun and interactive game.

Sherlock of London

Sherlock of London is modeled around Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The game has five columns and three rows allowing for as many as 25 paylines for players to enjoy.

One unique feature that Sherlock of London has on Australian Rabcat casinos is that it has connecting wilds. Meaning that if you get a wild symbol on the first column and another one on the fifth, they will find a route to connect to each other and potentially make the whole reel into a wild combination, giving massive payouts.

In order to get the free spins bonus, players need to get at least three bonus symbols during a spin. Once in free spin mode, every wild symbol takes the whole column and gives out payments accordingly.

Furthermore, the Dr.Watson symbol turns into a 2x multiplier.

It’s a very fun game with unique features such as the connecting wilds. Highly recommended to try out.

Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood is a very unique game from Rabcat as the design style is immediately noticeable.

The game has five columns and three rows opening up the potential for as many as 243 ways for players to land a winning combination.

The unique feature of the Robin of Sherwood slot is the turning wild symbols. Every so often players will have the opportunity to see this feature in motion as it turns the whole column into a wild symbol.

The turning wilds are much more common during free spins as well.

In order to get the scatter feature, players need to get the three bonus symbols during a spin which helps them enter the free spins stage, potentially doubling or even tripling their stake as they go.

Robin of Sherwood is slightly more simplistic when compared to other AU Rabcat online slots games, but it’s still enjoyable nonetheless.

How to play Rabcat slots on Playamo

In order to find Rabcat games on our platform, you will need to look through the provider’s page and find the company you’re looking for.

We have dozens of software provider games featured on Playamo, therefore, we had to restrict it to a drop-down list.

Once you do find it, make sure to check if there are any Rabcat bonus codes available. Speaking of bonuses. Let’s find out what you can find with us on Playamo.

Rabcat casino bonus features on Playamo

Here at Playamo, we have a whole slew of different bonuses for you to enjoy. Although we may not have a Rabcat-centered bonus available at all times, there’s always a chance that our weekly bonus offers could feature Rabcat online slots games.

The way our bonus offerings work is that on every deposit bonus, players get additional free spins on a specific game. In some cases, it could be one of the games we talked about in the paragraphs above.

But what types of bonuses can you find on Playamo? Well, there are a few of them.

  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Second Deposit Bonus
  • The Friday Reload
  • Monday Free Spins
  • High-Roller Bonus

Each of these benefits helps our users play their favorite games without having to stop because of a refill. Here’s how they work.

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus on Playamo is quite simple. Once you make a deposit, you will be eligible for a 100% matching bonus. This means that if your deposit is not above AUD 500, you will be getting exactly the amount you deposit as a gift from Playamo.

Furthermore, you will get some of our AU Rabcat free spins bonus alongside the free cash.

But that’s not all of it. You can also go for the second deposit bonus once you’ve played at your heart’s contempt. The second deposit bonus is pretty much the same, but in this case, you’ll be getting a 50% matching bonus, but with an increased cap of AUD 1000 max deposit. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with additional free spins.

Friday & Monday free spins

The Friday refill on Playamo is for players who enjoy playing the games during the weekends as they have much more time.

Here we offer another 50% matching bonus, but the cap is much smaller at AUD 250, but instead, you get additional 100 bonus spins for the Golden Owl of Athena slot. Although it may not be a primarily Rabcat free spins bonus, it’s still possible to win some cash with the GOA slot and migrate over to the Castle Builder slot or any other game from Rabcat.

The Monday refill is pretty much the same. All you have to do is make a deposit, regardless of how big or small it is, and you’ll get 100 free spins for Hotline and Fruit Zen slots. Again a perfect opportunity to make some cash to migrate over to the Rabcat slots later.

High Roller Bonus

The High Roller Bonus is accessible to only the big players on Playamo. That’s why it has an increased cap for maximum deposits at AUD 3000, with a 50% bonus.

This could be the best bonus to pair up with the Rabcat deposit bonus code Australia casinos usually give out, as you’ll get hours of gameplay time.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about playing Rabcat slots on Playamo. You have dozens of engaging and entertaining games at your disposal, alongside multiple bonus features provided by yours truly.

If you ever feel that the game is too confusing, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff who will always help you out, or come back to this page and read the features of those games and how they play out.

The Rabcat slots games are out there for you to conquer. Have at it, tiger!