Playing games by Ezugi on Playamo Australian casino

Playing casino games online is a favourite pastime of many people around the world. Due to the size of the market and the demand, there are many companies developing games and slots. Ezugi is one of such companies. Although there are no Ezugi online slots out there, the company is actively involved in providing the best live-dealer games to gambling platforms so that players can enjoy the real experience from the comfort of their homes.

When you decide that you want to start gambling and you choose a platform to do so, you will have to think about a few things. First of all, are live-dealer games something you’re interested in? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to choose the best live games there are. In this article, we provide a detailed guide to this process as well as the description of bonuses and promotions that are available on our Playamo gambling platform. When you sign up on a casino, you’ll find Ezugi deposit bonus Australia offers to be a very important feature.

More about Ezugi

Ezugi was founded in 2012 by people who have a vast experience in the field of gambling. It is a company focused on providing modern, live dealer games for mobile and desktop platforms in addition to retention and distribution solutions used by many casinos around the world. Since 2012, through hard work and focus on consumer satisfaction, Ezugi has managed to grow to operate 9 studios with 20 games and to acquire partnerships with more than 100 operators around the world. If you manage to find the best Ezugi casino bonus Australia offers on one of the platforms, you’ll be able to enjoy Ezugi games as well.

“Ezugi’s team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals and talented developers who strive to deliver the best and most realistic live gaming experience. Our mission is to disrupt the on and offline casino gaming industry by becoming the leading live dealer provider in the world and creating new standards across the industry,” – states the company’s website. It shows the dedication of the company to the user experience which is why the products of Ezugi are so consumer-centric and high quality. With Ezugi no deposit Australia offers, you’ll be able to try out these games yourself.

What are live dealer games?

The Internet was truly a revolutionary force in the gambling industry. It changed the way people gambler forever. Millions of people got involved in the community for the first time while others chose not to drive for hours to reach a land-based casino anymore when they could get a larger selection of games at their fingertips. While online gambling has a lot of advantages, it has huge drawbacks as well. Land-based casinos weren’t just a tool for gambling. They were also a point of gathering and socializing. These buildings had a special atmosphere enjoyed by visitors. That aspect was slightly lost in online gambling, however, live-dealer Ezugi games manage to replicate the feel of land-based casinos bit closer.

Live-dealer games offer a live feed to an actual table that is set up somewhere in the world. The game is curated by an actual dealer and you feel like you are actually in a casino playing a real and not a virtual game. Live-dealer games also offer a chat box that allows you to communicate with the dealer, reintroducing another aspect of land-based casinos into online gambling platforms. There are various games that could have live-dealer options, but the most popular live casino games include Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. Because there are many variations of these games, you also get a lot of variations of live-dealer games at Ezugi casinos Australia has to offer.

Advantages of live casino

When compared with standard games, live-dealer alternatives have some obvious advantages. When you select a platform to open an account on and decide to start gambling, you will also have to make a decision about which games to play. If you open an account on a platform like Playamo, that offers thousands of games and great options for live-dealer and standard versions, you will need to consider some criteria and make a choice. Below, we offer the biggest advantages of live-dealer games that might tip the scales more towards the live casino side when you are deciding what to play on an Ezugi casino in Australia.

Real experience

As we mentioned above, live casino games are much closer to the real experience of land-based casinos because they do feel like land-based casinos. You are just getting the feed on your computer and aren’t actually present in the building. With standard games, however, high-quality visuals might be, you are still getting a graphical depiction of the real thing. Such games often lose the atmosphere and feeling of casinos which are always present with live-dealer games at the best Ezugi casinos Australia offers.

Human dealer

Human dealer also plays a huge role in the gambling experience for several reasons. First of all, the game feels more fun and interactive when there is a live person leading it. You feel like you are interacting with the dealer although you might be separated by the screen. Because a human factor is involved, the game also feels more real and less repetitive, which could be a huge issue with standard games. You can also talk to the dealer in some cases through a chatbox. This allows you to clarify things or give your feedback to the dealer. It also makes the interaction more realistic. For this reason, you might want to actually try out live-dealer games at Ezugi casino in Australia that you choose.

Drawbacks of live casino


One of the best things about standard games is design. In attempts to make their products stand out from the rest on the market, game developers often get very creative with the design of the games they put out. This translates to more fun and enjoyable games for the customers. Although we weren’t able to find any Ezugi slots, if you are into slots, you’ll know that one of the biggest assets of these games is the visual aspect. You get a lot of interesting themes, colourful imagery and cool animations which aren’t the case with live-dealer games. Here, you get a simple live-feed and although the control panel is still virtual, it doesn’t stand out visually. If you are a type of a gambler who pays a lot of attention to the visuals and enjoys the cool animations, then you might not be satisfied with the visuals that live-dealer games provide.

Low selection

Live-dealer Ezugi games online are not cheap to host. These games require a lot of equipment, maintaining, and upkeep, as a result, they are usually more expensive for casinos to offer than the standard games. What this means, is that you will generally face a smaller selection of games when it comes to the live casino than the standard one. At Playamo, we put a lot of attention and effort into having a big variety, so we are one of those casinos that will actually offer many options when it comes to live-dealer games as well, however, at most other casinos, you will find your options to be very limited if you decide to play the live games instead of the standard ones.

How to choose a live casino game

When you are choosing a live-casino game to play at Ezugi casinos in Australia, you will have to think about which game to choose. If you choose our Playamo website, you will have a lot of options to consider. As a result, you will need a certain framework to compare these games with. We offer a few criteria that you can consider in the process.

User experience

User experience is naturally a very important thing when you are dealing with technology. It refers to the ease of use and navigation of a game. In case of the live-dealer casino games, it refers to how easy it is to use the control panel and to participate in the game. For example, if the navigation bar in a game is very complex, you will face a huge inconvenience. However, if when designing the game, developers thought about making the game easy to use, you will see some innovative solutions that will make it fun and enjoyable for you to play the game at an Ezugi-powered casino.


Return to Player or RTP is a measure of return of a game. It indicates how much money the game will payout on average per bet. For example, an RTP of 80% means that you can expect to lose $20 per $100 you bet on average. This doesn’t mean that that’s how much you lose on every turn. Gambling is an activity based on luck so some users will win while others lose. It simply gives an average return you can expect. This number will virtually never go above 100%, which means that you can’t expect a game to provide a stable income for you. If that’s what you are looking for, then gambling might not be the best option. With Australian online Ezugi casino, you can use RTP to compare different games. However, keep in mind that some games allow you more control over the outcome while others don’t. For example, with Roulette, you can’t affect the result in any way. It is purely based on luck. With Poker and Blackjack, on the other hand, you can use your wits to get ahead and put yourself at an advantage.


Simplicity is another important aspect to take into consideration when judging games on Ezugi software casinos. If you are a beginner, you’ll want to choose games where you won’t feel at a disadvantage because of your lack of experience. These are games of pure luck. For example, in Roulette, you have just as much chance of winning as anyone else. Of course, it is better if you are actually familiar with the rules so that you can enjoy the game, but you won’t lose any more money because of it than you otherwise would. On the other hand, games like Poker and Blackjack absolutely require you to be familiar with the rules. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money while you are trying to figure things out. If you enjoy the process of figuring out rules, then you might go for more complex games at a new Ezugi casino Australia offers. Otherwise, you can choose simpler ones.

Popular Ezugi games


Roulette is a very popular game in the gambling community. It is one of the simpler casino games which are also very fun to play. There isn’t much you have to learn when it comes to the rules of the game. There is a wheel in the game with numbers on it of alternating colours, black and red (0 is green). You can place your bets on a table, or in this case on the bottom of your screen, directly on numbers, on the colour, on different sections or various other ways. If your bet wins, you get a certain payout, if it doesn’t you the casino takes your money. Because Roulette is a game of luck, many players at an Australian Ezugi casino online will choose it over others. You can see below a screenshot of the game where you get a live-feed to an actual Roulette table with a human dealer and the controls on the bottom of the screen.


A blackjack is also a popular option with many players. It is a popular casino game that might be known to many as 21. You are playing against the dealer and you want to get a hand with a higher value than the dealer. The only condition is, you can’t go over 21. You are dealt cards and you can stop the dealer from dealing more or you can request an extra card. In the process, you can use your wits to calculate the chances of going over 21 as well as the chances of getting a lower-value hand than the dealer. That’s why Blackjack gives the player more control over the outcome and is usually preferred by players who like to strategize. It is also a very popular choice among gamblers at the best online casino Australia Ezugi platforms.

Bonuses offered on Playamo

At Playamo, we are a platform focused on the user experience and we understand the importance of bonuses in the modern gambling community. As a result, we offer various bonuses the customers can enjoy. While we will only offer no deposit bonus Ezugi promotions from time to time, we constantly have deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of.

The first bonus you’ll encounter at our platform will be the First Deposit Bonus. This bonus will match your first deposit by 100% up to $100. What this means, is that if you deposit $100 on the platform, you’ll get an extra $100 to gamble with. You can use this money to explore the functionality of our website and try out games that you might’ve avoided on your own. You won’t be able to withdraw the Ezugi casino deposit bonus Australia money right away, however, you’ll still get to keep the winnings if you meet the wagering requirements. The First Deposit Bonus also includes 100 free spins that will be distributed to you over 5 days. These free spins are a great opportunity to try out new games.

In addition to the First Deposit Bonus, we also have a Second Deposit Bonus. This one will match your second deposit by 50% up to $200 and give you 50 free spins on particular slots as well. While there are no Ezugi slots on mobile or desktop, we have partnerships with many other leading game studios on the market. Who knows, maybe the games you’ll get to try through the free spins will become your new favourites.

Many casinos will stop offering promotions after they’ve gotten the customers to deposit money. That’s not the case with us. We put a lot of effort into making our customers feel appreciated long after they’ve signed up with us. To achieve this, we have weekly offers. For example, our Friday Reload bonus will match your deposits on Fridays by 50% up to $250 and give you 100 free spins as well. On Mondays, you’ll get a chance to win up to 100 free spins if you make a deposit. When depositing money, don’t forget to use our Ezugi bonus codes Australia has access to.