What is the future and outlook of the iGaming industry?

The gambling industry has undergone quite a transformation in the last few years and it has managed to still grow and attract new users. The modern technology along with the changing demands on the customers’ side have affected the industry and helped make it more modern and exciting. With the online gaming sector, gamblers now have something that still retains the qualities of the gambling experience but provides it in a form that resembles traditional gaming much more. With the pace of development of the industry, it is interesting to see what path it will take in 2020. There are a few key factors that will definitely affect its development in the coming years and shape its rate of growth.

One of the first things to think about is the technology. Technology itself is developing at an unprecedented rate and the introduction of 5G has to have an effect on online gambling as well. 5G will translate to greater speed and capacity, which in turn will allow accesses games with higher-quality graphics and resolution. This could affect the video slot gaming experience drastically making the games visually more pleasing and enticing. It could also affect the live gambling experience. There are many people who enjoy live dealer games over the standard ones and with modern technology they could get several live feeds at the same time. With this feature, the games would be even more engrossing and tense. If you are one of those players who like to use their mobile devices for online gambling, this transformation will definitely affect you in the coming years.

Many people tend to put online casinos and land-based casinos against each other. They think that only one has to come out as the winner in this battle but that’s definitely not the case. Each type of gambling brings something unique to the table. While online gambling offers more convenience and privacy as you can start gambling from anywhere with access to the internet, land-based casinos have their own appeal. In the coming years, these casinos will focus more on the performance aspect of their services incorporating various shows and artists into their programs. People enjoy the atmosphere and feeling of land-based casinos and they will definitely recognize this phenomenon and try to capitalize on it. We expect this shift to occur as soon as 2020. Land-based casinos will recognize their difference with the online gambling platforms and will also recognize the advantage that they have. They will also have to introduce more variety of options. With online casinos having practically no limits to what types of games they offer, it’s not easy for land-based ones to compete. However, they can still work on the selection of games and try to make it more appealing.

Lastly, the wave of pop culture taking over the gambling world is only going to get bigger in the next few years. We already see many attempts of the game developers to incorporate elements from pop culture to differentiate their products and make them more appealing for the users. There are many games that are branded with famous TV shows, movies, video games, etc. You can play a slot that is based on the Wheel of Fortune, Game of Thrones, and Deal or No Deal shows. There are also many based no movies. For example, the Jurassic World and Bridesmaids slots are quite popular. The fans of classic rock music can play a slot based on the Guns’N’Roses theme. Because these products are so successful in attracting new users and connecting to them on a whole other level, we expect developers to come up with more of them. The integration could even take a different form. For example, a heavy metal band Candlemass recently recorded original music for a slot game. There are many fans of pop culture out there and many of them are also into gambling. It’s only logical for game studios to offer them the products they will enjoy in several ways at once.

This past decade has been extremely beneficial for the iGaming industry and it definitely shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The transformations outlined above will bring new users to the industry causing it to grow at a fast rate in 2020. The changes will also make the experience much more enjoyable for the existing gamblers.